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Our new book, Working With Americans (2nd Edition), is the first-ever handbook dedicated to explaining the US business culture, with tips, anecdotes, cartoons and a layout which makes it an essential how-to reference. Named The Sunday Times Book of the Week, it’s an invaluable tool for anyone who does business in the US or works with Americans in any capacity. HRH The Princess Royal Princess Anne, President of UK Fashion Exports speaking at their Awards, said “I’d like to thank Allyson Stewart-Allen for her much-needed insight into working with Americans. Whilst the US may be our second largest export market, insights from an insider are always most welcome.”

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Meet the Authors

Allyson Stewart-Allen

Allyson Stewart-Allen is an American based in Europe for the past three decades, from where she advises a broad range of companies and industries – from professional sports teams to legal services – wanting to build their US presence and profits. Before establishing and running her Los Angeles and London-based consulting firm, International Marketing Partners, she was a marketing consultant with PwC, PA Consulting Group and Hay Management Consultants. She earned her MBA under the direct tutelage of Dr. Peter Drucker at Claremont Graduate University. Allyson is a regular broadcaster for the BBC, CNBC, Sky News amongst other media outlets, and is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences around the globe.

Lanie Denslow

Lanie Denslow is the Founder and Principal of World Wise Intercultural Training & Resources, a company dedicated to expanding awareness of how culture and protocol shape business practices around the world. Based in California’s Silicon Valley, she lived in Paris, served as the Director of International Affairs for The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and as President of Protocol & Diplomacy International. She has conducted seminars for business leaders in the US, China, Germany, Russia and England. Her clients range from government agencies to multi-national corporations, law firms, and professional associations. She holds a Master of International Business and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Lanie is the author of World Wise: What to Know Before You Go and co-author (with Allyson Stewart Allen) of Working with Americans.


“The business world is in a state of turbulence crossing all boundaries. Yet America, despite it all, remains consistent in its unique way of approaching opportunities, an openness to ideas, a somewhat chaotic process of vetting them, and a hope that each will uncover a rainbow at the end. Working with Americans will help you decode this journey and give you invaluable insights on how best to participate successfully on it.”
–Gary E Knell, Chairman, National Geographic Partners

“There’s never been a better time to arm yourself with this essential guide to transatlantic business practices. By explaining how to sidestep many of the common causes of misunderstanding and miscalculation, it cuts out the trial and error that bedevils so many new Anglo-American business relationships. It’s a treasure trove of clear advice from first page to last and, having lived and worked in both the UK and US, I can vouch for its relevance and accuracy. I only wish I’d got hold of a copy sooner.”
–Patrick Jephson, Former Chief of Staff to Diana, Princess of Wales

“Working with Americans or Learning from Americans. This book is a fascinating journey into a business culture that values each person as a unique individual. This coupled with an ingrained enthusiasm and attitude that anything is possible has created a learning environment for the business world in how to truly understand the power of diversity in leadership.”
–David Allen, President, Pandora EMEA

“This is a must-have book for anyone wanting to work with and win business with American companies of all sizes. Expertly written with unique insights provided that will put you ahead in your quest for growth.”
– Brenda Santoro, Head of Global Trade, Silicon Valley Bank

“Working with Americans is an indispensable read for anyone looking for a practical navigational aid in building and sustaining successful business relationships in one of the most complex markets in the world.”
–Lee Turlington, Global Chief Product Officer, Canada Goose

“This is an essential how-to guide that should be required reading for anyone trying to win in the US.”
–Lord Stephen Carter, Group Chief Executive, Informa PLC