Allyson draws on over 35 years of international marketing and business experience to develop customized, relevant, educational, impactful keynotes and masterclasses drawing on the many examples from her award-winning work with household names around the globe.

Allyson is sought to lend her clarity, simplicity and expert insights on the following topics:

  • Avoiding a Foreign Fail: How to Successfully Lead International Growth

    Expensive mistakes are all too frequent when taking products into new countries. Drawing on over 30 years’ work helping over 260 companies across 27 countries to get it right, Allyson examines how companies of all sizes can avoid the traps of internationalisation. Whether changing the mindset of the Board, setting the right levels of investment or choosing the best strategy for international growth, Allyson has countless examples to draw on that are both educational and entertaining. 

  •  Building Business Culture Intelligence: How to Master Corporate Diplomacy

    Why are some leaders more effective than others in rallying their people, investors, and suppliers around the world than others? It comes down to their openness, motivation and self-awareness for adapting to the culture codes wherever they are. Whether it’s understanding that Americans want short, direct communication or that French colleagues need to feel they have a meaningful connection with their counterparts before getting down to business, knowing the norms helps senior leaders build profitable business relationships around the world.

  • Developing Your Leadership Brand: How to Create and Control Your Reputation

    Surprisingly, few executives are aware that taking charge of how they’re perceived makes them more intentional, human and empathetic. In this keynote, Allyson divulges how to tell your leadership story, reveal your values and choose a proxy brand in order to change perceptions and engage others intentionally. By beginning with the end in mind, a leader can recalibrate what they want others to think and feel when they’re not in the room, thus changing their reputations for the better.

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